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Went back to The Mall yesterday as the weather was pleasant (it is raining today). It was very nice. Scott and I spent a short while in The National History Museum and then went to McDonalds for lunch in the Air and Space Museum. Then we walked around the lagoon as he had yet to see the Jefferson Memorial. We didn't know the FDR memorial was around the lagoon too and we hit it by dusk and it was so pretty with all the little waterfalls and the lights. That was a nice surprise.

Jefferson Memorial.

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Back in Virginia. Left New York Saturday night. Slept most of yesterday!

Saw some things...

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I'm busy...! I don't really have time for sitting down quietly reading or writing these days. It's not that I actually do much sightseeing... I'm just occupied most of the time. Kept busy, eating, talking, working...

Currently I'm in New York.

Balloon. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was very cold but awesome! We brung a ladder and took turns sitting on it...

View from the Staten Island Ferry.

I have been to Washington DC too and walked around The Mall. I will post pictures from that, too... Eventually. I hope.

Here's one. We went back by there a few days later (and went to Ford's Theatre) and some scaffolding had been taken off. I wonder how much is off now.

I'm just so busy... I'm not really sure what I am doing. When we do sit down and relax we watch movies and talk. I have very little time to myself. Always people around. I actually quite like it. When I have my private hours I keep them private and shut my brain off.

But the trip so far have been great! Debbie goes out of her way to get me good (European) bread. It's odd walking through a shop and see aisle after aisle of bread and find that it's ALL soft and squishy...

New York is... Odd. It doesn't really feel like a big city and almost everything seems familiar. It's weird.

I'm overcome with impressions. I'm currently in a state of mind where I just let them roll over me. I hope to come back to them later and share them with you all.


Nov. 17th, 2013 16:06
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I'm in the States! I have been here since Thursday. The trip over here was stressful - but uneventful, thankfully.

It is... Odd. Or different. Still getting used to everything.

I haven't done much yet. Friday we went to lunch at a French-Vietnamese place and had escargot, quail, pate... It was good. Went to a huge shopping mall yesterday to get a suit for Scott.
Other than that I have just been here, getting to know everyone and being fed well.

It is still rather strange being here. It's a giant step for me. I'm still adjusting. It is lovely being here, though.

This is very short. I'm still thinking about everything but I am trying not to, so I don't want to start analysing things..

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I'm going to burst this none-posting bubble with some photos! I was in Thailand for four weeks with my sister and her boyfriend, visiting our brother. Returned a week ago. All of these are taken with my ipad. Mostly I didn't bring my ipad when going places so I don't have that many. On the computer on the other hand - but I'll save those for another day.

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