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I have spent the week with my sister at her place. It has just been quiet. Of course the first day I was there the sky was blue and all the colours pretty but it was late in the afternoon so I decided to not take pictures till the next day when the sun would be higher in the sky. Ha! What sun. Pfffft.

As Lae was working or studying every day I had the afternoons to myself and watched movies.

I finally watched The Godfather trilogy as they were there and they've been on my list of movies to watch for... A very very long time because they are just some of those movies everyone has watched, you know. Ingrained pop culture stuff. So I watched them. They were.. Oddly edited. There were lots of things glossed over or not explained and then there were five-minute scenes of a single little event.

I also watched Aladdin (one of the few animated movies where I actually really like the Danish dub. They did very well in Aladdin!) and I watched Tarzan as I hadn't watched that before (original dub). I wonder why I've never watched it before... I liked it. A lot. It was very sweet.

Watched The Terminal and half of Unforgiven, and some stand-up by my favourite Danish comedian. Watched The Dark Knight Rises yesterday with Lae and Ras though I wasn't paying that much attention to it (there had been wine and music earlier in the evening and I was tired...) and I'm not really sure what I think of it except I found it confusing, the action was over-the-top (though that was expected) and Christian Bale's Batman voice is so hoarse it's ridiculous.

It has been a pretty uneventful week... I'm not even sure how the days went by.

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Yesterday I went and got some emergency gifts for nieces and nephews. One have a birthday coming up and E promised a belated birthday present to another, forgetting in the process that that grandchild of hers has younger siblings who didn't get any presents either... So I had to go make up for that. I was lucky; there was this large sale on all kinds of creative stuff: coloured/textured paper, craft sets, pencils, crayons, all kinds of good stuff so I got some for the gift box too (which I emptied last Christmas and I have been rather bad at re-stocking it this year). I expect awesome homemade Christmas presents from all of them.

My purchases. With complementary cat.

Aside from that not much is happening. I have slept very little and I'm very tired. It's Friday night football (CFL!) tonight but I'm not sure I'll be able to watch it. It starts at 1am for me and finishes around 7am... :/

I didn't go for a walk today which I should have done. It was cold and rainy and windy. And I am so tired. Today I have done nothing but play Townsmen on my ipad and even not much of that. Mostly I have just not been sleeping. It's very annoying to be not sleeping when you are so tired.