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With so many game apps out there how can it be so difficult to find some that I'd enjoy that don't involve having a gazzilion facebook friends or that run out of levels really fast... I'm quite willing to pay (at least a little, sometimes, if I find it particularly enjoyable.)

I've been playing Townsmen again but been through all the scenarios and it's beginning to get a bit repetitive (there were a lot of updates and new features since I played it last year.)

I loved Where's My Water to a ridiculous degree. I solved everything (and Where's My Perry/Valentine/Summer/Mickey). I wish I could find another game like that. It kept me well entertained for a few weeks. I remember playing a lot of these kinds of puzzle games in my young internet days when I could find them; obstacle courses, riddle your way to the other side kind of games. I remember a game where you should dig tunnels and not get squashed by rocks. One with a red ball you should fire it just so and have everything line up properly. A few years ago I played The Incredible Machine (the only game I actually remember the name of) which was great fun and I've found a similar game app called Tinkerbox but it doesn't run as smoothly.

I have tried game after game after game lately. I have escaped rooms, solved mysteries, found hidden objects, moved cars, discovered elements, restored magic, saved the days in numerous ways...

And I'm bored. I don't want to be bored! I want to find a fun game to occupy me! I've been going through ’top 100 puzzle* games' lists ad infinitum... (It doesn't have to be puzzle games, or strategy, but those are the ones I most often find myself entranced by. I like a challenge!)

I'm currently reading the witches novels by Terry Pratchett (or I started with Witches Abroad and I'm now at Carpe Jugulum). They are fun. I think I mentioned I read Heyer but after the fun one I wasn't really in the mood for more (and I read them all last year) so I went on to regency romance because there was a book I hadn't read. It was stupid... It was actually quite good as far as the genre is concerned (there IS a lot of crap and what can be summed up as PWPs and sassy ladies and hunky dudes in wet clothing) but I wasn't in the mood for romance, and the author so blatantly had a thing for Dr. House (it was apparently acknowledged in the afterword that the character was based on him but I skipped that bit and only saw it later when I skimmed a review when I added the book on goodreads) that it threw me out of the story and setting again and again. I like references but let them be subtle. No need to use a sledgehammer!

So Terry Pratchett it was! He does use the sledgehammer approach as well sometimes but there are in-universe reasons for that* and it's definitely a large part of the fun.**

* And there are lots of words for that kind of thing and Granny Weatherwax doesn't hold with it.
** He also uses drilling hammers, jackhammers, clock hammers, rubber hammers, mallets, gavels, and any other sort of hammer you can conceivably think of.***
*** What? I told you I'd been reading him. It rubs off!

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Meh. That's what I have been mostly. I'm not really doing anything. I'm reading a bit. I'm crocheting a bit. I hang out on the net a bit. I update my computer a bit. I play video games a bit. Watch TV a bit. Learning the subtleties of Canadian Football... A bit.

I'm trying keep myself, if not amused, then at least occupied, which isn't that easy when I'm having a hard time getting my mind to focus on anything. Productivity has gone out the window. I have been helping D out. My room is a peaceful spot in a house that is currently undergoing a major transformation. Walls are getting knocked down left and centre. Things are happening.

So I started reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Again. I used to have this an audio book (read by Stephen Fry!) and as it was my only audio book for a good while and I love listening to stuff while solving puzzles I have read (or listened to) DH many many times... I was hoping my Real Book would help my cure my meh a bit.

I'm crocheting a washcloth. This is more difficult than it sounds as I decided I would try out multi-colour patterns (and not just stripes. Stripes are easy.) and it involves constantly keeping track of where I'm at and switching yarns and it doesn't look good, wah. It's a learning experience...

I have been reading all of Cleolinda's delightful snark on Twilight. I seem to have been haunted by Twilight as of late (no, not in my mind! I just appear to come across references to it constantly all of a sudden.) and was reminded of the snarky snarkiness of snark and I've been in need of some good snark.

I got my computer back from Computer Hospital last week and dear lord, is there no end to the updates??? How many can there possibly be? I have been having troubles with installing my anti-virus software which effectively put a spoke in my wheel for some time. I settled for Microsoft Essentials (or what it's called) for now. Stupid software. Computer troubles always makes me cranky. >:(
You know what is really annoying? They installed a new hard-drive but evidently didn't bother to check what language preference THE OWNER had set before reinstalling Windows so now everything is in Danish and I am Not Happy.


(And for the record, I have been cranky aaaaall day... Just in case you couldn't tell.)

Games. I'm playing them. I have solved all there is to solve of Where Is My Water and as far as could go with no facebook buddies playing of Where Is My Water 2 (why? Why do they do this? Addict me to games and then demand I have FRIENDS to actually play them? Urgh.) I want more Water levels to solve... More! It's a craving...

I have watched TV. I appear to have watched all the shows they are showing I want to watch already. I have watched The Help (which is.. Why is a movie about black women's struggles about white women? I don't know...) and Bridesmaids, which wasn't nearly as entertaining as it promised to be from the trailer (I expected silly, what I got was quite stupid and somewhat more serious than I had counted on. Even if they couldn't really deal with that seriousness.. ). I have watched The Hobbit several times as they keep showing it which naturally means I must watch it. Also the three Lord of the Rings movies where the same rule applies.

I have been watching and learning about Canadian Football which is, apparently, different from American Football in... some mysterious ways I wouldn't know about as I know even less about American Football than Canadian but I am told there are Significant Differences by a Canadian in the know so I'm just taking his word for it. I'm just a novice all around. I'm actually finding it quite intriguing. There's a lot more going on that meets the eye and it isn't all a bunch of big guys trying to hurt each other. That is a surprisingly small part of it. Each quarter lasts 15 minutes but the games themselves goes on for more than three hours (with some breaks.) That's a lot of time of not playing. I find it all very very confusing... There's a lot of strategy and tactics and, yikes; the lingo. It's like I'm learning a new and foreign language here! It reminds me of cycling, though, and I love me a good entertaining day of cycling (on TV, obviously.)

I'm still going for walks. Every day for a week. Go me! The weather has been excellent so I have been able to drag myself out even when the motivation has been rather slacking. I can't wait for it to begin raining...

Anyway, I have been taking some pictures but my motivation in that regard has been rather none-present too some days. Today I was angry when I walked. Longest walk yet but it didn't take me that long; stomped and stalked the whole way. Anger is a great motivator!

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Sep. 20th, 2013 01:04
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I went through all my yarn the other day and found I had a lot of unfinished projects. I still have a lot of unfinished projects but now I have one less!

(Are the pictures massive? I can't tell on this app.)

I'm not sure whether to block it to get some structure to the edge. But it's supposed to just hang. Undecided.

Anyway! I finished something. Ends weaved in ad everything. I feel very accomplished!

I went to the dentist today. Had a long procedure to get rid of calculus? Stuck under my gums? (I'm translating roughly here..). It was horrid. The machine used makes that sound like a fork scratching over a plate incessantly and it was very painful. It was decidedly unpleasant. Should be all better now, though... I have an appointment for a check-up in three months time but I really don't want to go through that again. I was crying.

I have been busy reading lately. I read the first two quartets in the Tortall series by Tamora Pierce. I needed some comfort reading. Now I crave science...

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More shelves! I'm so industrious today!

Excuse the quality. It's nighttime and the ipad already does crappy photo quality. Also, more books. I had forgotten I had these as they are in rather bad shape and I had given them a corner to themselves. Now they have a new corner! The hair mousse is currently acting as a book-end! Also, the small chest looks kind of distorted in this photo. (There is more nail polish and nail care stuff inside the chest.)

Over my dresser/desk (when my computer returns). Not sure what exactly is going on that shelf. I have more folders than that. (And yes, that used to be a folder for The Legend of Zelda, second world.) The big basket of yarn must stay there (as I mentioned in a previous post, my yarn box can hardly close..) but I must find (or make) somewhere for the other. That's the most current current crocheting project so I shouldn't hide it too far away or it really never will get done.

Small shelf for knick-knacks and whatever I think I'll need beside my bed that shouldn't clutter up the tiny night table. Those little figures follow me around. I think I remember where I've got two of them from but the rest? It seems they've just appeared and joined the collection over the years. Very strange.


Sep. 10th, 2013 12:23
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Put up a small bookshelf today. I'm using scrap wood for everything. This piece I think was once part of one of the walls in the kitchen. It was painted white with a sort of red residue underneath which I had to strip off but it was just the right width for the shelf I wanted so... Anyway, there are now books in my room. Much better!

The books currently on my shelf. It's a bit of a mix of books I like to read, books I'd like to read and books I probably ought to read, and some that I figure I might enjoy on a rainy day. I have more books than this but they are stored away in the shed or on other people's bookshelves and occasionally I will do a big switch around and my bookshelf will then look entirely different. Tolkien stays, though.

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My computer is currently off being repaired so I had to steal myself some time on E's computer while she was at work and mess around with some pictures -- yes! More Thailand pictures!

Lonely Beach. Most of the beach is sandy but this end is where all the various debris from the sea gather. We experienced some very windy days where all kinds of neat stuff had washed up on the beach (and lots of not so neat stuff; plastic bottles, etc.) And yes, that's me down in the corner.

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