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Went back to The Mall yesterday as the weather was pleasant (it is raining today). It was very nice. Scott and I spent a short while in The National History Museum and then went to McDonalds for lunch in the Air and Space Museum. Then we walked around the lagoon as he had yet to see the Jefferson Memorial. We didn't know the FDR memorial was around the lagoon too and we hit it by dusk and it was so pretty with all the little waterfalls and the lights. That was a nice surprise.

Jefferson Memorial.

Me! I was there!

FDR Memorial. Well. A small part of it. It is quite long... It just kept going..

The sky wasn't anything like this colour... It was more purple and pink. Still pretty!

Lots of squirrels around. This was the second one to say hello. Unfortunately I mostly got photos of squirrel tails...

Tonight I will be going to the opera. The Magic Flute (apparently performed in English.) This will be interesting!

In other news.. Back in Denmark:

There was a big storm yesterday. D and E are currently staying with our neighbour and trying to figure out what to do about those trees... They are right up against the back of the house (these are the trees I was afraid of during the previous storm that took down the other trees). Just wild! Crap!

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