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A few weeks ago I said I'd taken some photos of the garden but I never got around to posting them. Well, I took pictures of the trees in the garden too so here are some photos of before (three weeks ago) and now.

The lime tree.

The lime tree

See, we were going to have these exact three trees cut down (the birches) and... Errr, pruned? (The lime tree) because they had gotten so tall that they took all the sun in the garden till mid-day even at the height of summer. E and I have been pestering D and various tree-felling-savvy brothers about it for quite some time. They haven't really been paying much attention to us but I guess the weather deities were listening... :|

What a mess

A mess! The tree looks kind of rotted at the bottom. Hmm. The ash tree in the background has lost some branches too.

Another before photo:

Messy.. So messy. So much to do all of a sudden. There's a table buried under there and various garden furniture. The wheel barrow. What fun.

Here I am standing inside the workshop. There is a narrow pathway to the entrance. The workshop was very lucky indeed...

But look! Look at all this (blue!) sky! It wasn't quite the way we had planned it but...

And Honey Bunny was acting as per usual. She still wont come in the house but she's a sweetheart in the workshop. Also hungry. Food first, cuddles later.

The weather hasn't been great today. There is blue sky and sunshine in the photos because I was waiting around for it and grabbed the camera at the first sight of light. It began to rain again soon after, and it's still pretty windy. A lot colder than yesterday where I could be out in the storm (carefully obviously!) with my arms bare and not be cold.

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