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With so many game apps out there how can it be so difficult to find some that I'd enjoy that don't involve having a gazzilion facebook friends or that run out of levels really fast... I'm quite willing to pay (at least a little, sometimes, if I find it particularly enjoyable.)

I've been playing Townsmen again but been through all the scenarios and it's beginning to get a bit repetitive (there were a lot of updates and new features since I played it last year.)

I loved Where's My Water to a ridiculous degree. I solved everything (and Where's My Perry/Valentine/Summer/Mickey). I wish I could find another game like that. It kept me well entertained for a few weeks. I remember playing a lot of these kinds of puzzle games in my young internet days when I could find them; obstacle courses, riddle your way to the other side kind of games. I remember a game where you should dig tunnels and not get squashed by rocks. One with a red ball you should fire it just so and have everything line up properly. A few years ago I played The Incredible Machine (the only game I actually remember the name of) which was great fun and I've found a similar game app called Tinkerbox but it doesn't run as smoothly.

I have tried game after game after game lately. I have escaped rooms, solved mysteries, found hidden objects, moved cars, discovered elements, restored magic, saved the days in numerous ways...

And I'm bored. I don't want to be bored! I want to find a fun game to occupy me! I've been going through ’top 100 puzzle* games' lists ad infinitum... (It doesn't have to be puzzle games, or strategy, but those are the ones I most often find myself entranced by. I like a challenge!)

I'm currently reading the witches novels by Terry Pratchett (or I started with Witches Abroad and I'm now at Carpe Jugulum). They are fun. I think I mentioned I read Heyer but after the fun one I wasn't really in the mood for more (and I read them all last year) so I went on to regency romance because there was a book I hadn't read. It was stupid... It was actually quite good as far as the genre is concerned (there IS a lot of crap and what can be summed up as PWPs and sassy ladies and hunky dudes in wet clothing) but I wasn't in the mood for romance, and the author so blatantly had a thing for Dr. House (it was apparently acknowledged in the afterword that the character was based on him but I skipped that bit and only saw it later when I skimmed a review when I added the book on goodreads) that it threw me out of the story and setting again and again. I like references but let them be subtle. No need to use a sledgehammer!

So Terry Pratchett it was! He does use the sledgehammer approach as well sometimes but there are in-universe reasons for that* and it's definitely a large part of the fun.**

* And there are lots of words for that kind of thing and Granny Weatherwax doesn't hold with it.
** He also uses drilling hammers, jackhammers, clock hammers, rubber hammers, mallets, gavels, and any other sort of hammer you can conceivably think of.***
*** What? I told you I'd been reading him. It rubs off!

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