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Meh. That's what I have been mostly. I'm not really doing anything. I'm reading a bit. I'm crocheting a bit. I hang out on the net a bit. I update my computer a bit. I play video games a bit. Watch TV a bit. Learning the subtleties of Canadian Football... A bit.

I'm trying keep myself, if not amused, then at least occupied, which isn't that easy when I'm having a hard time getting my mind to focus on anything. Productivity has gone out the window. I have been helping D out. My room is a peaceful spot in a house that is currently undergoing a major transformation. Walls are getting knocked down left and centre. Things are happening.

So I started reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Again. I used to have this an audio book (read by Stephen Fry!) and as it was my only audio book for a good while and I love listening to stuff while solving puzzles I have read (or listened to) DH many many times... I was hoping my Real Book would help my cure my meh a bit.

I'm crocheting a washcloth. This is more difficult than it sounds as I decided I would try out multi-colour patterns (and not just stripes. Stripes are easy.) and it involves constantly keeping track of where I'm at and switching yarns and it doesn't look good, wah. It's a learning experience...

I have been reading all of Cleolinda's delightful snark on Twilight. I seem to have been haunted by Twilight as of late (no, not in my mind! I just appear to come across references to it constantly all of a sudden.) and was reminded of the snarky snarkiness of snark and I've been in need of some good snark.

I got my computer back from Computer Hospital last week and dear lord, is there no end to the updates??? How many can there possibly be? I have been having troubles with installing my anti-virus software which effectively put a spoke in my wheel for some time. I settled for Microsoft Essentials (or what it's called) for now. Stupid software. Computer troubles always makes me cranky. >:(
You know what is really annoying? They installed a new hard-drive but evidently didn't bother to check what language preference THE OWNER had set before reinstalling Windows so now everything is in Danish and I am Not Happy.


(And for the record, I have been cranky aaaaall day... Just in case you couldn't tell.)

Games. I'm playing them. I have solved all there is to solve of Where Is My Water and as far as could go with no facebook buddies playing of Where Is My Water 2 (why? Why do they do this? Addict me to games and then demand I have FRIENDS to actually play them? Urgh.) I want more Water levels to solve... More! It's a craving...

I have watched TV. I appear to have watched all the shows they are showing I want to watch already. I have watched The Help (which is.. Why is a movie about black women's struggles about white women? I don't know...) and Bridesmaids, which wasn't nearly as entertaining as it promised to be from the trailer (I expected silly, what I got was quite stupid and somewhat more serious than I had counted on. Even if they couldn't really deal with that seriousness.. ). I have watched The Hobbit several times as they keep showing it which naturally means I must watch it. Also the three Lord of the Rings movies where the same rule applies.

I have been watching and learning about Canadian Football which is, apparently, different from American Football in... some mysterious ways I wouldn't know about as I know even less about American Football than Canadian but I am told there are Significant Differences by a Canadian in the know so I'm just taking his word for it. I'm just a novice all around. I'm actually finding it quite intriguing. There's a lot more going on that meets the eye and it isn't all a bunch of big guys trying to hurt each other. That is a surprisingly small part of it. Each quarter lasts 15 minutes but the games themselves goes on for more than three hours (with some breaks.) That's a lot of time of not playing. I find it all very very confusing... There's a lot of strategy and tactics and, yikes; the lingo. It's like I'm learning a new and foreign language here! It reminds me of cycling, though, and I love me a good entertaining day of cycling (on TV, obviously.)

I'm still going for walks. Every day for a week. Go me! The weather has been excellent so I have been able to drag myself out even when the motivation has been rather slacking. I can't wait for it to begin raining...

Anyway, I have been taking some pictures but my motivation in that regard has been rather none-present too some days. Today I was angry when I walked. Longest walk yet but it didn't take me that long; stomped and stalked the whole way. Anger is a great motivator!


I look frightened...

There was an awful lot of snails on the road one day

A little path..

Steps down. Edda is sprinting.

That's a very nice place to sit, except Edda stole it.

Beachy things. I used to collect those little conch shells. Loads of them.

Very muddy water


Steps up again... Edda isn't sprinting

The leaves are turning. Here an ash tree.

My road.

The clematis in the birch tree.

A different birch tree.

I hope it doesn't mess up the order of the pictures today. I'm too tired to fix it... And meh.

It wont even upload. >:( scrapbook no available. Pffft. If you read this I succeeded..

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Date: September 30th, 2013 01:10 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Great scenery, again! And photogenic kittie in it :D

I had no idea there was something called "Canadian Football". But then, I clearly lack the Sportsball gene :(

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Date: September 30th, 2013 17:54 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I had no idea either and I do have a ball gene!

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Date: September 30th, 2013 07:58 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Crocheting anything is hard. It's one of those things I don't seem to learn no matter how hard I try. (Granted, I haven't even tried lately, but still.)

Canadian football. Huh, learnt something new. I knew there is Irish football, though I still have no idea what it's like.

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Date: September 30th, 2013 17:57 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I find crocheting straight ahead quite easy if I stick to one stitch and just go back an forth. Quite meditative. I have made a lot of scarfs.... Becomes more tricky when I venture off that beaten path and want to be extravagant!

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Date: September 30th, 2013 10:41 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Beautiful pictures... and I love that your cat goes with you. That would make my walks entertaining.

I didn't know Canadian football was any different from American football.

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Date: September 30th, 2013 17:58 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
She is good company. Was a bit worried she would follow me today as I wasn't going for a walk but to the bus stop. Don't want to teach her to go there!

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Date: October 8th, 2013 22:26 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Haha, I don't even know any *Canadians* that what Canadian football (or US for that matter, most everyone sticks to hockey!) so I am highly amused.

Lovely pictures as always! We have those same striped snails here as an invasive.