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I went for a walk. The weather was very nice. I did wear a hat to spare my ears from the wind. photo (8) Edda joined me. That's a good thing; she needs the exercise! She is starting to hold an uncanny resemblance to a sea-lion. Pointy at both ends but a bit heavy around the middle.

The beach. The water was pretty high today.

Various grasses.

Edda did not like the sea. Here she is sort of hiding behind a rock. I don't think I have ever heard her mew as much as I have on this walk. She is usually a quiet cat. But she insisted on coming... And then whined and complained the whole way! Typical.

I actually think the beach looked quite pretty today. Messy and pretty.

The oak tree on the beach.

Acorns and beach rubble.

The sun was shining most of the time. Everything has gotten a decided yellow tinge.

Rocky bit. I did have to carry Edda for bits where we had to get pretty close to the water's edge.

Probably the closest she got. She was really mewing along this whole bit. She preferred the stretches where she could walk (and hide) in the tall grasses.

Big rock. Some bird or other had been enjoying a crab there.

Came around a small bend and looked back and the water was so pretty!

Path home. Now on familiar ground Edda led the way.

End of path, looking back.

My road. Can't really call it a street...

Almost home we collapsed.

Fluffy was waiting (or laying in ambush; difficult to say!)

ETA: The post looked fine on the app but when I checked the browser the first picture was missing and all the captions didn't match up with the pictures... I have borrowed a computer to sort it out but the formatting is still messed up.
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