Sep. 10th, 2013 12:23
mayanas: (Default)
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Put up a small bookshelf today. I'm using scrap wood for everything. This piece I think was once part of one of the walls in the kitchen. It was painted white with a sort of red residue underneath which I had to strip off but it was just the right width for the shelf I wanted so... Anyway, there are now books in my room. Much better!

The books currently on my shelf. It's a bit of a mix of books I like to read, books I'd like to read and books I probably ought to read, and some that I figure I might enjoy on a rainy day. I have more books than this but they are stored away in the shed or on other people's bookshelves and occasionally I will do a big switch around and my bookshelf will then look entirely different. Tolkien stays, though.

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