Sep. 10th, 2013


Sep. 10th, 2013 12:23
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Put up a small bookshelf today. I'm using scrap wood for everything. This piece I think was once part of one of the walls in the kitchen. It was painted white with a sort of red residue underneath which I had to strip off but it was just the right width for the shelf I wanted so... Anyway, there are now books in my room. Much better!

The books currently on my shelf. It's a bit of a mix of books I like to read, books I'd like to read and books I probably ought to read, and some that I figure I might enjoy on a rainy day. I have more books than this but they are stored away in the shed or on other people's bookshelves and occasionally I will do a big switch around and my bookshelf will then look entirely different. Tolkien stays, though.

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More shelves! I'm so industrious today!

Excuse the quality. It's nighttime and the ipad already does crappy photo quality. Also, more books. I had forgotten I had these as they are in rather bad shape and I had given them a corner to themselves. Now they have a new corner! The hair mousse is currently acting as a book-end! Also, the small chest looks kind of distorted in this photo. (There is more nail polish and nail care stuff inside the chest.)

Over my dresser/desk (when my computer returns). Not sure what exactly is going on that shelf. I have more folders than that. (And yes, that used to be a folder for The Legend of Zelda, second world.) The big basket of yarn must stay there (as I mentioned in a previous post, my yarn box can hardly close..) but I must find (or make) somewhere for the other. That's the most current current crocheting project so I shouldn't hide it too far away or it really never will get done.

Small shelf for knick-knacks and whatever I think I'll need beside my bed that shouldn't clutter up the tiny night table. Those little figures follow me around. I think I remember where I've got two of them from but the rest? It seems they've just appeared and joined the collection over the years. Very strange.